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World’s first fully automatic sorting grading weighing packing system


May 4, 2022  | 12:30 PM



Innovation in Integrated Automation!!!

Next chapter in fresh vegetable automation - an end-to-end sorting and packing machine, the first of its kind across Globe
The optical sorter segregates tomatoes, onions, and potatoes based on size, color, and visual defects

Our automated packer cuts down weighing and packing time and reduces excess weight per pack by 80%!
Be a witness to World's first fully automated sorting, grading, weighing, and packing system LIVE!!

Why you Don't Want to Miss this?

Completely automate your sorting, grading, weighing, and packing processes for vegetables
Considerably reduces dependency on the manpower by approx 80%
Efficiently delivers consistent dependable quality of vegetables
Opens up the accessibility to new markets, avenues to provide a boost to your business

Event Schedule

Importance of Automation in F&V Industry
Brief on Automation and how with emerging retail demand, automation for fruits & vegetables is absolutely necessary
Live Demo of AutoSortPack
Live demonstration of World's First Integrated and Automated Sorting, Grading, Weighing, and Packing Machine

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Optimized Accuracy | Simplified Efficiency | Uncompromised Quality